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 A Community Peer Support Program 

(Program on hold until 2024)

Thank you to our participants, community partners, and staff for making Finding Hope a positive, warm, and inclusive place for LGBTQ+ Coloradans to gather, share, and learn! Envision:You is undergoing evaluation and strategic planning to relaunch Finding Hope later this year with even more access, education, and resources. If you have questions about Finding Hope, please contact

Finding Hope: A Community Peer Support Program will connect LGBTQ+ Coloradans to a network of LGBTQ+ Peer Community Organizers with lived mental health experience. Peer Community Organizers will provide support to local LGBTQ+ folks through a series of support groups that will be conducted weekly.


Finding Hope empowers LGBTQ+ Coloradans, regardless of their identity, age, race, or geographic location, to: Talk about their behavioral health concerns with peers; develop a healthy relationship with their sexual orientation and gender identity; increase social connections; and provide access to resources that support a person’s recovery journey. 

Finding Hope builds community in Colorado and helps to reduce feelings of isolation and loneliness where there is a lack of culturally relevant behavioral health services, support groups, and gathering places. Local community building among LGBTQ+ folks improves overall wellness and well-being leading to a life worth living. 

Frequently Asked Questions 


Do participants have to pay to attend this program? 

No! This program is a free service provided by Envision:You. 

Is this program clinical? 

This program is non-clinical! Program participants should anticipate support coming from a Peer Community Organizer, Envision:You, and other participants! Peer Community Organizers have received Peer Recovery Coach training from Embark Peer Coach Academy.  

Does Finding Hope provide referrals to services? 

No, as a non-clinical program, Finding Hope does not provide referrals to services. However, we do have a list of vetted, local, statewide, and national LGBTQ+ affirming resources available. 

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Is there any commitment associated with this program? 

No, participants are free to come and go as they please. However, we would love for participants to continue to attend each Zoom event. By attending each Zoom event, participants have an increased opportunity to build community and learn new skills to support their wellness journey. 

Is this program confidential? 

This program is an open group, meaning that anyone who identifies as LGBTQ+ in Colorado can participate. However, personal information will never be shared with anyone without participant consent. We respect the confidentiality of others and expect each participant to do the same. 

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