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"I greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn from the Envision:You Level 1 and 2 training courses… The facilitators were very inviting and responsive to questions and insights. The training has provided me with a wealth of knowledge that will be very helpful both in my private practice work and to my organization as a whole. Thank you Envision:You!"

Kellyn Ender, LPC

Mental Health Program Manager


This training program is designed to provide registered and licensed mental health clinicians, addiction counselors, certified peer specialists, and social workers new skills and critical knowledge that will enhance the delivery of quality, culturally relevant and affirming behavioral health interventions for members of the LGBTQ+ community. Providers will be challenged to examine their personal and professional frameworks regarding gender, sexuality, including at the intersections of race, religion, and power. Common transference and countertransference concerns will be addressed, and the application of terms, concept, models, and affirmative interventions will be demonstrated. Overall, the objectives of this program are to bring cultural relevance into provider practice and to create affirming and inclusive environments for LGBTQ+ clients.



The importance of this program is multifold. LGBTQ+ individuals experience mental health and substance misuse issues at grater rates than their cisgender/heterosexual counterparts. Additionally, with greater societal awareness about sexual orientation, gender expression, and gender identity people coming out at younger ages. As a result, many individuals, families, schools, and communities look towards mental health clinicians to provide guidance,  increase protective factors, and respond in culturally appropriate manners across all practice settings. 


While many providers state they are “LGBTQ+ affirming” studies have found that many LGBTQ+ individuals have reported experiencing negative interactions while seeking healthcare services. Well-intentioned providers may very well be accepting and pro-LGBTQ+, however, this does not indicate they will provide culturally relevant services. Even those who identify as LGBTQ+ may be uninformed about the potential impacts LGBTQ+ identity can have on mental health. Having a LGBTQ+ affirming stance is important, and having an affirmative stance that is informed by research on the specific issues LGBTQ+ individuals face improves a clinician’s effectiveness. This increases positive outcomes for LGBTQ+ clients.


Each in person or live webinar will be co-facilitated. In person seminars will be capped at 25 participants and webinars will be capped at 20 participants.

Level 1: Introductory 75-minute training offered in an online, on-demand format

➔ Topics include: LGBTQ+ 101: Foundational History, Affirming Language, Health Disparities, & Best Practices

➔ Level One (Individual): $95/person

Level 2: Comprehensive 9-hour facilitated webinar (two half days) or 8.5-hour live training

➔ Learning in Action: Interactive Training & Practice Opportunities 

➔ Level Two (Individual, Level 1 required): $205/person

➔ Level 1 and Level 2 Learning Pathway (Individual): $300/person

CE Credits are available for every level of the training program.

The Behavioral Health Provider Training Program will teach professionals how to make the vital changes required to become more conscious and effective advocates for LGBTQ+ populations in their professional setting, outside of it, and within their circles of influence.

Population Specific Modules: These 1 hour, on-demand modules focus on unique disparities when working with individuals holding multiple marginalized identities.

➔ Currently in development thanks to a grant from Caring for Denver with a planned release of Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

➔ Populations: Transgender and Gender-Diverse Individuals, LGBTQ+ Youth, LGBTQ+ Older Adults, LGBTQ+ People of Color

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