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Program / Campaign

A program that seeks to reduce stigma related around asking for help when an individual is suffering with their mental health. This campaign aims to foster healthy conversations about mental health in the LGBTQ+ community by providing education that makes individuals feel more comfortable giving support and reaching out.


Original Research

In 2021, Envision:You surveyed nearly 600 LGBTQ+ Coloradans regarding their behavioral health concerns and experiences to inform LGBTQ+ behavioral health priorities for community organizations and state leaders. 



We work with Brandeberry-McKenna Public Affairs to inform elected state officials and policymakers about the disparities in care facing LGBTQ+ individuals. By doing so, we are actively engaging in advocacy efforts to ensure that mental health concerns of LGBTQ+ individuals are being addressed in legislation and policy.



As an organization we are daily acknowledging and appreciating intersectionality, and fundamentally reconstructing the ways in which our organization functions. Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) are being operationalized at the core of our culture, making them more than just ideas.



A peer-to-peer support group program with a network of LGBTQ+ individuals with lived behavioral health experience to provide support and mentoring to those who need it. Aimed to aid individuals throughout several communities in Colorado with a special emphasis on rural Southeast and Southwest areas. 

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